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When taijutsu meets genjutsu
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Kotohime Fuma the last version by nikky93
Kotohime Fuma the last version
After, Shion, Yakumo, Isaribi, Matsuri, My version of Kotohime Fuma in Naruto the last she is a filler character and not an oc), she is a relatives of Sasame Fuma filler character). She uses her hair for her attacks and the  seduction too :)

 Kotohime in anime Naruto

Kotohime(oto girl) in shippuden version

My commission is drawing by :iconblack-quose:
Aokiji Siblings by nikky93
Aokiji Siblings
Emu Aokiji:
Age: 15 years old
date of birth: 19/10
parents: prietess Shion and my oc (who is ninja too) Yoshi Aokiji :here
personnality: Emu is a capricious personn. she falling in love from Kei after he saves her during a escort mission for a lord, since this day she tries to be his girlfriend. She is the only personn who can make Akane very angry beacause she know the Uchiha girl share  the same feelings for the shinobi. She loves provokes her by calling "my sweet Kei" when she was around.
Emu is capricious character, she can be fun, she likes pranks and she is good friend with Ran Hyuga and Manaka Inuzuka even they aren't in the same team ( because Emu is older from one year). Emu is good friend with kazehana's personnal Guard who is Fuko. she hopes one day Fuko and her brother can make a good couple
Actually Emu is interesting to be priestess like her mother but to be a good shinobi.
She hopes one day people will recognize her family name Aokiji as good shinobi family and not only as one most rich family from Konoha.
She is affliate to the earth like his father.

emu means laugh
aokiji means blue pheasant

Yudai Aokiji:

My commission is drawing by:iconmyanghime:
Couple friends( Mai, Satoshi, Mina, Yuya) by nikky93
Couple friends( Mai, Satoshi, Mina, Yuya)
This my oc naruto next gen To left and right( all belong to me only)

Mai sakae and Satoshi Akimichi
Mina Nara and Yuya Hagora

Mai Sakae
Age: 16 years old
date of birth: 12/12
Parents: Mai's parent are civil citizen from Konoha, her parents are owner of BBQ restaurant
Personnality: She is shy but polite person. she really loves Satoshi and she always worry when he goes in mission with a team.
Mai means danse
Sakae means prosperity
Mai Sakae means danse of prosperity.

Satoshi Akimichi
Age 16 years old
date of birth: 26/02
Parents: Choji Akimichi and Isaribi ( she from Umi and yes i still choji/isaribi fan)
Personnality: Joyful and nice person. He is good friend with Kei and Kenta. He really hopes to be in boys team because his team mates are girls( Mina and Kasumi)
He has only good advices. He has a girlfriend who is Mai.

He wants t fight with Yuudai Akoji because he lost again him in Chunin exams

Satoshi means wise

Mina Nara:
Age: 16 years old
Date of birth: 01/04
Parents: Temari Nara and Shikamaru
Personnality: Mina is a strong girl and serious too like her mother. She doesn't really appreciate lazy people. Even she is strong, despite her and Kasumi are opposed personnality, they are really in good terms even something they are some rivality because the both want to be the leader of their team.
She hopes one day to fight again Rengu Rock Kurama, she appreciates her Genjutsu.
Mina means beauty of Nara

Yuya Hagora
Age: 16 years old
Date of birth: 04/07
Parents: His father is medecin in Konoha Hospital and her mother an housewive
Personnality: Since his childhood Yuya admire Konohamaru Sarutobi, so that why he decides to be a ninja. He has a natural talent for fight like tell everybody. He is one of rare shinobi from Konoha ti be affiliate to lightning( black lightning user)
He likes to fish and travel. He has some feeling for Mina and her too.

He is good friend with team Tsuya, Rei and kurogane. He is really close to Miyami Hyuga and Gaaku Hiroo.

My commission is a drawing from my sweet :iconmyanghime:
Matsuri the last version by nikky93
Matsuri the last version
Matsuri from Suna Gaara student) in my version of "Naruto the last"
She looks so  badass right :)
I know lot o people and specialy Gaara's fangirl hate her, but i like her, she so cute.
Whatever i'm still gaamatsu fan :love:

This commission is drawing by :iconblack-quose:
Yakumo Kurama the last version by nikky93
Yakumo Kurama the last version
Yakumo Kurama:…
she is an genjutsu user and it's my version of her  in naruto the last version, she isn't an oc characters, just like the other filler character from anime Naruto.
You can see this " the last version" in my gallery.
Other  naruto the last version
Isaribi in the last version
Sasame Fuma in the last version
Shion in the last version

My commission is drawing by :iconblack-quose:


nikky93's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
my tumblr

I'm a girl who live ine the city of light(i love my town)

I love japanimation since i'm child. The first time that i watch naruto with my cousin, i hated this manga, but few years ago, i watched again and beginning to read manga and i love it, even if i don't watch since litte bit one year!

I like fairytail too specialy for the humor and jellal ^^.

I'm very bad drawer but not bad as writer , french fanfiction writers. I begin to write with original stories(fantasy and romance) for to turn to fanfiction in Naruto and specialy naru/hina, but i like writing about konohanabi and other couples.

I'm more a naruhina fan and ex pro narusaku(i assume) now i'm neutral about this pairing, but even when i'm narusaku fan i always don't appreciate sasuhina, it's like an other form of sasusaku for me and make hinata in love from sasuke lost of credit about her. She's interesting because she only one who doesn't love him(even she has lots qualities), and i don't know what sasuke can bring more than naruto brings to her but this ONLY MY opinion. So i have nothing against people who like this pairing even if me i hate, and even the most beautiful sasuhina fanart or story can change my opinon.

After naruhina i like little bit kibahina(prefer kibakarui) but love shinohina, and naruten,naruino, saihina(i'm open about the others parings specialy when they are really original like shikahina or narutema and they have interractions, but no nejihina,sasuhina,gaahina(the last both are crack classic sorry -_-)

i like Inosai(my 2nd after naruhina actually), they reminds me kaname chidori and sagara sosuke form FMP, and i love yakumo kurama and isaribi, sasame only girls filler from anime naruto first gen that i appreciate. And for the boys it's Idate, sora and sumaru!

But whatever how i love naruto, my favorite manga is records of lodoss war oav ^^

MinaKushi stamp by NaomiLoveChan NaruHina kiss - Stamp by Kaorulov Pure Love - Naruhina Stamp by Kaorulov

Stamp - Naruto x Hinata 01 by MiaKa-CiD -naruhina stamp 03- by Zoeyxlovex NaruHinaKiba - Stamp by Kaorulov

MenHina / MenmaHina stamp (2.0) by cfster SasuHina Hell No Stamp by Boxy-Izzy-Stamps :thumb282407681:

Smile SS STAMP by priss90 LamuxAtaru - Stamp by Kaorulov NejiTen Month stamp by DarkChocaholic

.:CM for nikky93 leexyakumo stamp:. by SakuraKiel SaiIno - Stamp by Kaorulov Kiba x Karui Stamp by Jyukai-Koudan

ShikaTema_Stamp by marizce ShinoHana Stamp by ShinoHanaFC

SuiKari Stamp 2 by Suerte23 SasuKarin Stamp 4 by whiteflamingo SuiKarin and SasuKarin Stamp by Suerte23

Stamp - Naruto x Hinata 03 by MiaKa-CiD Naruto Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02 MenHina / MenmaHina stamp (2.0) by cfster

ItaxAyu - Stamp by Kaorulov Ayumi - Stamp by Kaorulov OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan

Stamp #2 by SpringSnowflakes Stamp #1 by SpringSnowflakes

Current Residence: France, City of Light ^^
Favourite genre of music: everything but little more pop rock and ost
Favourite style of art: photography and paintings
Favourite cartoon character: Parn form lodoss oav, and naruto Uzumaki. Big naruhina fan
Personal Quote: n'abandonne jamais et les portes s'ouvriont/never gives up and the doors will open
It's been a while, but i want to share something with you guys. I'm a girl from Paris, i can believe how lucky i am specialy today. My beautiful City and with lovely places in my favorite districts(Republique, Goncourt, Belleville), where i often hang out with my friend has been touch by the blood. Not mine but the blood of innocent people like me. I was near from the place, i was near Republic-Goncourt, in restaurent with one of my best friend.
We finished to diner and i asked to her if she wants to walk a little bit, she says yes. she was ready for go out from the restaurent, but before to leave i wanted to go to WC she told me okay, . So after we are ready to go but before she opens the door( of the restaurent) i notice my bag was open, i told to her to wait me, she told me  to do this outside but i didn't i really want to close my bag in the restaurent because it was cold outside. When i finished, we open the door and realise the horror. We hear some sound i didn't realise that it was shoots, i thought it's was firecracker. But it wasn't, when i saw all policemen, fire brigade, ambulances coming, and i understood it was something serious. I saw many people in the street, i knew there was something in this street, i really don't know if it' was a dead body or some people hurt. But i was so chock that i didn't want to see what it was but i can't move too, i was petrified. My family and my friend call me, because they knew, that i hang a lot in this district, it was my favorite place and it was near to my house. This saturday, november 14th is my mum birthday i should lunch with her in Republique (she loves this place too) but i can't, i am too afraid and chock for to go there. I cried because this sad november 13th i realised my friend and me, could have be this victimes. This hurt people or dead people, and indirectly we are save because for stupid little thing like go to wc before to leave the restaurent or really close my bag before to go outside save our lives. I can imagined for family an friend of this innocents people how it difficult moments, my family and friend could be like this, if i didn't go to wc or close my bag. Sorry for this long message but i need to share with you people my emotions and sadness, i know this website is more for drawings or fictions. But it was important for me because i could be died this november13th.
Sad day for my city, she isn't the City of light this november13th but City of Blood :(

Pray for Paris and all victims for this kind of attentas (Nigeria, Tunisia...) and thanks god for save my life and my friend life too.

ps: sorry for my mistake in english
  • Listening to: ost, gravitation anime
  • Reading: fictions naruto
  • Watching: reborn/fairytail

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